Xerocraft has been a hub for cosplay enthusiasts for nearly its entire lifetime! Come see why!


Xerocraft is a perfect place to make your cosplay dreams a reality! Whether you are new to the art or a seasoned pro, Xerocraft has the tools and classes you need make detailed and believable costumes. We have:

  • Sewing Classes for basic fabric costumes
  • Blender Classes for 3D modeling any prop
  • Papercura Classes for armor and prop builds
  • 3D printing for creating custom notions
  • Laser cutting for engraving
  • Jewelry classes and shop for making custom jewelry pieces
  • Wood and Metal shops for prop making

One of the beauties of Cosplay is that there are so many different ways to accomplish a costume or prop, and Xerocraft is equipped to handle most of these techniques. Come down and learn how to make your next costume come alive!

Progress: 100%

Here is a finished project by me and Steve Bowtie I want to share :) My sister-in-law was going to go to Comicon with us. I was making her a really c...

Progress: 50%

Hawks from my Hero is a dream cosplay of mine. I used a square aluminum tubing for the framework. Feathers are individually articulated along the fram...

Progress: 80%

Mother Miranda is... basically an evil scientist trying to resurrect her dead daughter. Honestly I want to make a cosplay of her final form, but her f...