KMKR 99.9FM: Wish List

Items we're looking for...
  1. CD Players - We currently have unreliable CD players. Ideally we would like reliable professional-grade CD players that will play both commercial and burned CDs.
  2. Turntable - We need a 4th turntable for making digital recordings of records on our production PC
  3. Field recorders - We would like to supply kits to our content creators to record and edit content. Handheld field recorders like the Zoom series would be great. Even older units in working order would be appreciated.
  4. A Better Mixer - We are using a home-grade Mackie mixer board with an insufficient number of stereo inputs. We would like to upgrade to a better mixer with faders for all channels, 4 or more mono Mic inputs and at least 8 stereo inputs for turntables, CD players and other auxiliary audio players.
  5. Uninterrupted Power Source (UPS) - We need UPS as backups for our studio equipment and transmitter in case of a power outage.
  6. External Hard Drive - We need to maintain external backups of our music library and transport files.
  7. Spare turntable cartridges - Turntable needles need replacing. We have two Denon DP-DJ151 turntables that require new needles from time to time.
  8. Gaffer tape (white)
  9. QNAP TS-451 ($870) - Long term redundant storage.
  10. Electro Voice RE-20 ($449) - A unidirectional microphone.
  11. Monitor Speakers - For listening to the music.

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