Volunteer Opportunities

At this time Xerocraft is seeking volunteers for Work Trade! Volunteers who complete at least 5 hours per month of work earn a membership and open access to the shop.

Currently, due to Covid-19 volunteer memberships will look a bit different then they did in the past. Here are the current Volunteering needs at Xerocraft:

  • Cleanup/tidy and setup of spaces after recent construction and improvements
  • Audio Visual staffing for:
  • setup and execution of tutorial and content recordings
  • editing and polishing content
  • Knowledgeable operators to help create equipment showcases and recorded safety briefings for all the shop tools
  • content creators
  • showcase a cool project
  • make a tutorial
  • up to you! Make a pitch!
  • Equipment servicing and repair
  • updates on specific listservs

Please check back for updates to these opportunities! They will likely change month to month as the situation evolves.

Anyone may do work-trade to be a member of Xerocraft. In order to work-trade for membership, you must:

  1. Contact the Community Manager
  2. Complete at least 5 hours of volunteer work per month
  3. Log hours through Front Desk.
  4. All Volunteers are highly encouraged to attend the Steering Committee Meetings and Hack Your Hackerspace.

Xerocraft Information System (XIS) will automatically award you membership at the beginning of the next calendar month.

From the date you begin your work-trade until the beginning of the next month, you ARE an official member, however, we ask you also begin your work-trade hours ASAP.

Remember, WE WANT YOU! These are our general guidelines, if there is some issue with this for you, contact us!

Contact the Community Manager