Volunteer Opportunities

How you can help Xerocraft

The Xerocraft Volunteer program resumed January 1, 2024.

We're always evaluating our needs, and while we absolutely want volunteers, we also realize that getting the right folks with the right skills is essential for everyone's success.

Under this program, you may apply for a specific position, and tell us about yourself, and how you want to be part of the awesome community of folks that keep Xerocraft humming. We'll compare your talents with our volunteer needs and see if we have a match!

First: Please review this list of Volunteer Positions at Xerocraft

See which roles appeal to you and your abilities.(Note: not all positions may be available when you apply.)

Then: Fill out the the Volunteer Application here

Please note that it may take up to two weeks for you to receive an response. (We're volunteers, too!)

All Volunteers must read and adhere to this Volunteer Policy

Please be patient with us as we work through any bugs in the new approach. If you have questions, please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator via the form below.

Thanks for your interest!

There is much to be done around Xerocraft! Volunteers keep the space alive and functional. As a volunteer you are part of a hard-working community of people dedicated to helping Xerocraft and our maker community thrive!

As a volunteer, you might expect to:

  • Work during open hacks, providing tours, staffing the front desk or assisting guests and members
  • Staff a particular department suited to your skills
  • Help clean shop (somebody has to take out the trash!)
  • Clean and maintain the tools and equipment
  • Repairs and cleanup or improvement projects like Hack Your Hackerspace
  • Help with organization, social media, fundraising, events or many other areas
  • Maybe you have special skills we can use. let's find out!

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator